Delta Sigma Phi's History

Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity's roots date back to December 10, 1899 at the College of the City of New York (CCNY).  A group of students bonded after participating in a pre-admissions program, and they wanted a way to continue their friendship during their college careers. These men aspired to join a fraternity, hoping to cement their friendships in a bond of brotherhood that would last a lifetime. However, they lived in a time wrought with intolerance and discrimination.

Comprised of different races, cultures and religions, our Founding Fathers discovered that an open minded and accepting fraternity did not exist to welcome them into their brotherhood. Determined to share in the unique bond of fraternal brotherhood and displeased with the status quo that would not welcome them as one, they stood undeterred.  They stood together in the face of adversity and challenged the status quo. They set out to create their own new fraternity with a set of values and ideals rooted in the concept of the universal brotherhood of man. They banded together with purpose around this powerful message of unity, openness and diversity and formed the first chapter of Delta Sigma Phi - the first fraternity of its kind.

After founding a second chapter at Columbia College, Delta Sigma Phi incorporated in December 1902. The emerging fraternity wrote into law that membership be made open to all men of quality, regardless of religion, race or creed.
The Co-Founders

The Co-Founders of Delta Sig

The Co-founders of Delta Sigma Phi in 1899, Meyers Boskey and Charles Tonsor.

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Delta Sigma Phi at Case Western Reserve University

Currently a colony of the Delta Sigma Phi fraternity, Delta Sig at Case Western Reserve is a unique brotherhood of 68 men from across the country and of varying academic disciplines. The organization was founded on March 10, 2013 and was formed through the recruitment efforts of the national fraternity, which laid the groundwork for the organization of Delta Sigma Phi at Case Western Reserve. The fraternity was led by the first President, Sourav Dey, and first Vice President, Bence Tamas.


In the fall of 2013, the colony pinned and initiated the Beta Class made up of 17 new members. The fraternity went on to retain every single new member that was originally pinned at the beginning of the semester. The Beta Class represents men from across the country that the initiated brothers of the fraternity felt embodied the values that the fraternity holds dear.


The colony of Delta Sigma Phi at Case Western Reserve is actively working to complete the necessary steps to become an official chapter of the national fraternity. The brothers of Delta Sig at Case Western Reserve enjoy the same membership benefits of all brothers of Delta Sigma Phi and Greek Life at Case Western Reserve. All members are active participants of the colonization process and actively involved in creating a stronger organization at of brotherhood at Case Western Reserve.